About 36Pix

36Pix is the leading provider of green screen services for the photography industry, including printing, digital background replacement, workflow services and sales solutions. With the proprietary and award-winning ChromaStar® green screen technology, 36Pix offers the highest quality Green Screen Background Replacement and KnockOut solutions on the market today. 36Pix also simplifies the photography production process with turnkey solutions that include online ordering and the web-based DAPHNE® workflow system.

36Pix green screen removal


36Pix was founded in 2000 at a time when the digital photography revolution had just started. The founding members brought experience and knowledge from the aerospace industry and applied their know-how to the digital photography industry. By making green screen easy and accessible to photographers, 36Pix created a lasting impact on the high volume school and sport photography markets.


Today, 36Pix is still leading the industry through its pioneering technology and portfolio of services that support professional photography businesses. 36Pix has become a trusted business partner, managing as much or as little of its customer’s photography business processes as they want.

36Pix green screen extraction
36Pix green screen extraction


With a strong commitment to innovation, 36Pix will continue to provide technologies that surpass industry standards, allowing their customers to stay ahead of the competition. Customers can also look forward to new and evolving services that enhance various aspects of their business, including sales and marketing.