Kodak DP2 and 36Pix

Perfect for photo labs with high volume green screen orders.

36Pix is proud to partner with Kodak to help you get the most out of DP2. You can now easily upload green screen orders of any size to 36Pix via DP2. Follow the steps below to get started.

Before you begin

Before you upload an order, it is important to make sure that you have the right green screen image. Use our free photo setup guides to ensure that you have the right lighting and camera settings, then validate your image with the GSI Analyzer™.


36Pix prices for the Extraction or Green Screen Background Replacement services are based on a sliding scale, with discounts for every 100,000 images per season. Specialty orders, such as problematic images or low volume, are priced differently. Please contact us for a detailed price list that meets your needs.

Getting Started

Contact us to setup an account.
Give us your billing information.
We will send you a username/password.
That's it! You're ready to upload your order through DP2.