Green Screen
Photo Setups

The right photo setup will save
you hours of unnecessary manual
retouching after the photo shoot.
A good green screen shot requires the right tools and preparation. The 36Pix photo setup guides help you get the most out of green screen.

Green Screen Quick Tips

The key is not to overexpose the backdrop; the light should be 1 or 2 stops darker than the light on your subject
Keep the placement of the subject, the lighting and the exposure consistent throughout the shoot to ensure the best final product
Keep your backdrop clean and free of wrinkles
Always test your setup


Still not sure about your setup? Contact us and we'll set you on the right track to taking optimal green screen images for any type of photo shoot, like sports, prom, etc.


Test your Green Screen Image

You've followed the Setup Guide and taken your test shots, now find out if there's anything you could do better. Upload your images to the GSI Analyzer™ and you'll receive a comprehensive report that rates your photos on everything from shadow intensity to image compression. GSI

Want to get perfect results?

Even with the right setups and camera settings, most software doesn't knock out shadows or remove green spill automatically, leaving you with plenty of manual touch ups. The easiest way to get fast and automatic results is with ChromaStar®. You upload the order and we do the rest. It's that simple.