Green Screen Extraction
From photoshoot to final image in 3 steps

Why Green Screen with 36Pix?

Highest quality green extraction in the industry

48 hour turnaround time

Zero investment: no need to buy new hardware, software or hire/train staff

Easy online transfer workflow

Green screen photography has become essential for winning new contracts and increasing sales. It’s also a more cost-effective alternative to traditional methods because there is no need to purchase and transport new expensive backgrounds.

36Pix makes green screening an accessible and feasible choice with the industry-leading ChromaStar® engine. As an online service, it is accessible to anyone: from a photo lab with established printing capabilities looking for better background replacement to a professional photographer seeking to provide more options to their customers.

Green screen extraction service

For maximum control, the green screen extraction service creates an image with background transparency that allows you  to manage your own background replacement.

Green Screen Photo Setups

36Pix offers guidelines on proper photo setup to ensure
optimal results for your green screen shot.

48 Hour Policy

At 36Pix, green screen background replacement takes less than 48 hours, regardless of the volume.
This is our typical turnaround time, whether it's 5 images or 50,000 because the
DAPHNE® online ordering and tracking

system makes it easy to outsource your digital background replacement.