What can the best green screen extraction engine do for you?
Unparalleled in the industry, ChromaStar® is the award-winning chroma key engine created by 36Pix that makes green screen an easy and effective option for your
photography business. ChromaStar® is able to manage a wider range of photo quality when processing images, resulting in the fastest turnaround times on the market. ChromaStar® is continuously evolving to meet the latest challenges of green screen photography.

The Extraction (KO) services powered by ChromaStar® provide superior results by solving the most challenging green screen problems.

Fine Detail Preservation and Transparency

ChromaStar®’s sophisticated algorithms are capable of preserving fine detail, such as subjects’ hair, and successfully carrying transparencies to the new background.


Complete Shadow Removal

The Complete Shadow Removal feature in ChromaStar® accurately removes any unwanted shadows and halos on your background. It even handles unevenly-lit green screens from single-light sessions.


Green Clothes Masking

Green clothes masking allows ChromaStar® to detect the subject's green clothing and to retain its original color. No matter what tone of green they are wearing, ChromaStar® recognizes and preserves the original colors when replacing the new background.

Original Photo
without Image Recognition
with Image Recognition

Precision Green Spill Correction

The green spill removal feature in ChromaStar® corrects any green spill on the subject’s hair, face or clothing and performs an automatic hue-shift that restores the original image colors.


Green Screen is a flexible option that can be used in many different situations:

Individual Full Body

Prom Photos