ChromaStar® is the award-winning algorithm that was engineered and created by 36Pix over 20 years ago. New technologies are continuously integrated into the powerful algorithm to ensure
the highest quality extractions in the world.

Key feature #1

Detail Retention and Transparency

  • ChromaStar®’s sophisticated algorithms preserve fine detail, such as the subject’s hairs, and also carry transparencies to the new background.

  • ChromaStar®’s algorithm also applies a contour correction to give the subject a more natural look on the new background and not have a cut & paste look.


Key feature #2

Automatic Shadow Removal

  • The complete shadow removal feature in ChromaStar® accurately removes any unwanted shadows and halos on your background.

  • If your subject was a little too close to the green screen, the resulting shadow will be automatically removed. It even handles unevenly lit green screens from single-light sessions.

Key feature #3

Automatic Wrinkle and Dust Removal

  • ChromaStar® automatically removes light wrinkles and dust spots from your background, guaranteeing a perfect result.

Key feature #4

Automatic Green Masking

  • Green masking allows ChromaStar® to detect the subject’s green clothing and retain its original color.

  • No matter what tone of green a subject is wearing, ChromaStar® recognizes and preserves the original green tones on the subject while removing the green screen.

Key feature #5

Automatic Green Spill Correction

  • The green spill removal feature in ChromaStar® corrects any green spill on the subject’s hair, face or clothing and performs an automatic hue-shift that restores the original image colors.

  • This feature will also remove any unwanted spill from reflective props and accessories.

Adaptive solution

Developed through the collaboration of highly skilled developers, ChromaStar® is designed to be an adaptive solution that offers only the best results. Unlike other keying algorithms, which lock into just one color stream, ChromaStar® identifies all the colors in an image and treats it accordingly. This allows the algorithm to be flexible, capable of handling different hues of green and blue.

Designed to exceed customers’ needs, ChromaStar® is efficient, rendering results at fast turnaround times and ensuring you receive your results before your clients are expecting them.

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