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With KEY36, you'll get access to professional quality extractions directly within Photoshop!

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Woman portrait on green screenWoman portrait

Unique Algorithm Designed for Precision

With KEY36, you don't need to worry about the perfect green screen set-up, shadows, lighting, hair, or even your subjects wearing green clothing. Stop spending time fixing images. Let KEY36 do the work for you.

KEY36 is part of Photoshop, giving you access to professional results.

Detail Retention and Transparency

  • ChromaStar®’s sophisticated algorithm preserves fine detail, such as the subject’s hair, and also carries transparencies to the new background.

  • ChromaStar®’s algorithm also applies a contour correction to give the subject a more natural look on the new background and not have a cut & paste look.


KEY36 in action

Woman portrait on green screenWoman portrait
Little girl portrait on green screenLittle girl portrait
Woman portrait on green screenWoman portrait

Green screen shooting becomes so easy with KEY36

  • 100 extractions for $24.99
  • 500 extractions for $99.99
  • 1000 extractions for $149.99
  • Extraction bundles never expire
  • Strong detail retention
  • Automatic green masking
  • Automatic shadow, wrinkle & dust removal
  • Automatic green spill correction
  • 25 FREE extractions valid for 30 days
  • Customized actions
  • Customized tool presets
  • Free help desk

KEY36 Green Screen Photoshop Plugin

Take advantage of award-winning ChromaStar® algorithms to do perfect extractions. 


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