36Pix brings together people who all share the same corporate culture and values, such as dedication to the customer, passion for innovation, openness to others, positivism and the continuous research for excellence.

Robert Ste-Marie
President & Chief Executive Officer

Robert Ste-Marie founded 36Pix in 2000 and has served as President and Chief Executive Officer since then. As CEO, Robert has driven the School Photography division’s strategic positioning from zero to being the fastest growing company in Canada and the largest studio in Quebec, which led the Chroma Key division to be the best of its kind worldwide. Prior to his 36Pix adventure, Robert held several project management positions in the aerospace industry, mostly on spacecraft engineering for NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. Projects included the production of antennas for Terra, RADARSAT-2 and Anik F1 satellites. Robert earned a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University.

From Aerospace to 36Pix

Daniel Tomassini
Senior Vice-President, Operations

Danny Tomassini is responsible for the strategic management of 36Pix operations as well as the planning, development and implementation of new products and processes. A McGill graduate in Engineering, he originally worked in process engineering and quality assurance in the aerospace industry. When Danny joined 36Pix, he used his expertise in manufacturing to streamline company processes and optimize performance.

James Stevenson
Operations & Customer Service Manager

James Stevenson joined 36Pix in August 2011 as a CloudKO® Account Representative. He brought with him over 20 years of customer service and managerial experience from the retail industry. James has developed the department into a full-service team consisting of Technicians and Customer Service Representatives. He oversees day-to-day operations at 36Pix and supports clients with their questions and needs.

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Nicolas Wellein-Trottier
Sales & Operations Manager

Nicolas Wellein-Trottier joined 36Pix in April 2016. He is responsible for sales, pricing, volume forecasts and making all 36Pix clients feel at home. Currently finishing his Finance degree at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business, Nicolas is an expert at understanding your company’s needs and ensuring it is being pushed forward with the right solution.

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Kathy Comeau
Project Manager & Training Coordinator

Kathy Comeau started working at 36Pix in September 2012 as a Green Screen Technician. As 36Pix takes on new projects, her role has evolved. Kathy worked closely with the development team to make the CloudKO® application the best on the market. She serves as a coordinator between 36Pix clients and the development team to continually improve the application to meet the needs of 36Pix’s clients. In addition to training CloudKO® DIY clients and providing ongoing customer support, Kathy trains staff to perform quickly and efficiently.

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Karen Comeau
CloudKO® Customer Service Representative

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