Research & Development

Dedicated to Innovation

Dedicated to the industry’s innovation, 36Pix is proud of its research and development department. 36Pix developers are constantly improving algorithms while quickly responding to client needs. Adapting and growing with 36Pix clients’ wants pushes the product and sets new industry standards, benefiting everyone.

The mandate of 36Pix’s research and development department is to foresee client needs and develop tools that enable them to be at the forefront of innovation. These tools increase customers’ speed and efficiency, optimize quality and propel their business.

Recently Developed:

  • Background Clean Up Tool
  • Eye Masking Automation
  • Color Brush Tool
  • Spill Correction Tool
  • Denoising Tool
  • Editor Shortcuts
  • DIY Stat Reports
  • ChromaStar 3
  • Smart Correction Tool
  • Customized GIF
  • Customized eBook

Business Perspective