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"After researching all of our options, CloudKO by 36Pix is hands down the best solution on the market. The speed and quality are unmatched."

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Perfectly Clear RGB

36Pix now integrates with Perfectly Clear QuickDesk for amazing professional results! 


Perfectly Clear is an award-winning software that utilizes the physics principles of light. It automatically and instantly optimizes the lighting for each pixel while maintaining true color and zero clipping.

At the same time, Perfectly Clear will automatically remove abnormal tint and restore faded photographs. It's just like magic! It's clear and perfect!

With the addition of 36Pix Green Screen Software, you will be able to get the ideal image extraction!



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Our Enterprise Solution is designed to batch process images, allowing users to process 5,000-10,000 images per day. You can send us your images and you'll get quality extractions back within 48 hours. Or you can use the CloudKO Do-It-Yourself application. With the 36Pix customer service department, reports and training, you have easy access to all resources needed.


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