School Photos During a Global Pandemic

A Quick Guide to Adding Props to Your Green Screen Photoshoot
October 10, 2019
photographer wearing a face mask
School Photos During a Global Pandemic: PART 2
June 30, 2020

School Photos During a Global Pandemic

As several areas around the world prepare for children to return to school, school and sports photographers need to adapt their workflow to ensure the safety of the children and their staff. In Canada, our province of Quebec is the first to have re-opened daycares and Elementary Schools this week. In the coming weeks, we will use our experience with our own studio (Green Apple Studio) to update you on what works and what doesn't work. To start, here are some tips to help you keep everyone safe during your photo sessions.

The Photographer should:
  1. Disinfect! Disinfect! Disinfect! Disinfect all equipment before, during, and after each photo session. 
  2. Organization!  Allow more time for the photoshoot.
  3. Mark their workspace to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters at all times.
  4. Use data cards to avoid paper documents.
  5. Hands-free posing by using visuals instead of manually posing the child.
  6. Do not bring any props.
  7. Pose the child standing up to avoid using a stool/chair.
  8. No makeup artist should be provided.
  9. Do not take group photos. Offer alternative products such as virtual groups or composites.
  10. Stay home if he/she is having any symptoms and find a replacement or reschedule.
Kids in line for photo

Communication with the schools is more important than ever to ensure a seamless photo day. Keep an open and honest flow of communication about what you need and expect when your photographer arrives on photo day.

Schools can prepare the following before photo day:
  1. Provide volunteers for student management and dressing.
  2. Equip volunteers with gloves and masks.
  3. Place tape on the floor where the kids will line up.
  4. Disinfect the area/room where the photographer will set up.
  5. If possible, provide a hand-washing station or hand sanitizer for students to use before and after their photo has been taken.
  6. Inform parents that their child can bring their own prop if they would like to have a prop in their child’s photo.
  7. Remind the school and parents that there will be a retake session, so if a child is sick he/she should stay home on photo day.
Social distancing concept with students 2020 graduates

Covid-19 will make history, so your child’s 2020 school photo will remind you of the year that social distancing made the world closer than ever. Together, we can come out of this pandemic stronger and provide our children with a bright and healthy future. 

As the world slowly eases into our new normal, 36Pix remains open and available for all of your green screen extraction needs. Find out which solution is right for you.