Clients love us




Clients love us

Client satisfaction is our #1 priority, that's why some of the biggest labs in the world trust us with their background removal.

36Pix's new AI is amazing! It has been a complete game changer in our work flow.

Picture Master Color Lab

It wasn’t until the fall of 2010 that I discovered 36Pix. This discovery has led me to open the doors to more work on green screen as I can now rely on consistent turnaround and quality knockouts.

Jim Kelm, Studio 1

Our clients have benefited from the world’s leading Chroma key solution for Volume Photography since we partnered with 36Pix. Knowing the extraction will come back to us on time and looking perfect enables us to offer the best workflow solution for our customers.

Harri, Netlife

36Pix is focused on 100% customer satisfaction. They are a reliable and trusted business partner. Working with 36Pix is simply easy, especially with the integration of Kodak’s DP2 software.

Marco Photo Service

36Pix allows us to keep up with our growing business in this fast-paced industry. Their knockout algorithm is terrific, whether you’re sending images directly to them or using CloudKO®. The team at 36Pix is always responsive, supportive and helpful. As our company continues to expand, it can be increasingly challenging to staff for the volume of images we need to process. 36Pix allows us to simplify and streamline our knockouts process, so that we can utilize our resources better. 36Pix gives us a quick turnaround, and a better, more automated knockouts process with their Kodak DP2 integration. Thank you for the great service!

Barksdale School Portraits

After researching all of our options, CloudKO® by 36Pix is hands down the best solution on the market. The speed and quality is unmatched.

Advanced Photographic Solutions

We have tested every green screen application available. None of the in house options can match the quality of 36Pix. When you factor in cycle times, labor savings, outstanding service and nearly zero defects, the choice is clear!

BNL Enterprises