SPAC 2024 Highlights

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October 29, 2023


SPAC 2024 Highlights

Our recent participation in the School & Sports Photographers Annual Conference in Las Vegas was nothing short of a thrilling experience. From engaging with industry professionals to showcasing our cutting-edge technology, the event was a testament to the innovative strides we're making in the field of photography.


The conference wasn't just about business; it was also about having fun and building connections. We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to visit our booth or stop us in the hall to chat. Your enthusiasm and curiosity energized our team, and we're grateful for the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and professionals in the volume photography industry.


Our team impressed many attendees with live demos and by showcasing the transformative impact of our new services through compelling before-and-after photos. For those who missed the chance to visit our booth or if you weren’t able to attend SPAC this year, we've prepared a demo video that captures the essence of our innovative products and services.

36Pix image editing demo video of background removal, color correction and glasses glare removal


During the conference, we proudly announced several exciting additions to our imaging services. Aside from background removal, we are now offering a combination of imaging services to meet the growing needs of our industry.

Color Correction:
Our AI-based color correction adjusts your image’s exposure, white balance, gamma, saturation and contrast, enhancing the visual appeal and quality of the final product.

Glasses Glare Detection & Removal:
Say goodbye to unwanted glare! Our innovative solution detects and removes glasses glare, guaranteeing your subject's eyes to take center stage without any visual interference.


Our President, Robert Ste-Marie, delivered a captivating presentation that showcased how our company is leveraging AI across various business operations, including marketing, sales, production, customer service and development.

Traditional & Generative AI Examples:
During the presentation, Robert not only explained the distinctions between traditional and generative AI but also offered illuminating examples. These instances showcased how these evolving AI techniques are creating new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

AI in Business Operations:
Let’s take a brief look at how AI can be used by different teams:


Rule-based lead scoring is a common practice in sales, but the traditional method of manually allocating points based on user activity has been replaced with a much more accurate method: AI predictive lead scoring. Machine learning identifies patterns which lead to conversions, then uses this data to predict which leads are more likely to become customers. One of the biggest factors AI predictive lead scoring takes into consideration is time, whereas rule-based lead scoring doesn’t take into account whether an action was done yesterday vs 2 years ago.


AI can be used for so many things in the world of marketing. We thought it’d be fun to show an example of how ChatGPT was used to come up with a tagline for our SPAC campaign.

As you can see in the example above, AI-generated content usually needs feedback and expert prompting for optimal results, rarely being ready straight out of the box.

Customer service:
Chatbots can save customer service reps tons of time by answering commonly asked questions. What’s even more intriguing is their ability to modify their response based on predicted user profiles.

Obviously our imaging services use AI, but aside from that, our dev team themselves sometimes use AI tools to help them analyze, write, optimize and refactor code.


The presentation included a visually captivating segment on AI Backgrounds that allowed participants to witness firsthand the exciting possibilities that arise when creativity meets cutting-edge technology.

When analyzing the sales performance of the image-to-image AI backgrounds against their original versions, the top performer was nearly evenly divided, with the AI version outperforming 43% of the time.


The School & Sports Photographers Annual Conference was a resounding success, and we're grateful for the positive reception our innovations received. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of volume photography, we look forward to sharing more exciting developments with our community. Stay tuned for future updates, and thank you for being part of our journey!

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