The Art of Backgound Selection: Part 1

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The Art of Background Selection: Part 1

In the realm of professional school photography, achieving flawless images requires careful consideration of every detail, including the background offerings. For two decades, 36Pix has been at the forefront of refining algorithms to create the finest background removal technology in the industry. What you may not have known is that 36Pix proudly owns a network of School Photography Studios in Canada and is the market leader in the province of Quebec. This blog delves into the art of background selection, drawing insights from market segmentation, background categories and strategic placement.


To offer the best backgrounds, it's crucial to segment your market based on grade levels and types of photo sessions. Consider separating daycare, elementary, high school, college & university, and sports segments, as well as distinguishing between regular and grad photo sessions.

By understanding the unique preferences of different segments, you can tailor your offerings to meet their specific needs. To help understand the preference differences among segments, here’s a look at the top backgrounds for regular daycare sessions vs high school grad sessions.


Just as seasons change, so do trends in photography. It's crucial to regularly review and update your background offerings. Removing outdated or underperforming options ensures that you're always providing the best selection for your clients.

We recommend doing this step before designing new options so you can analyze your findings and curate your new collection accordingly. 


Understanding the nuances of categories within your digital storefront can significantly impact your sales. At our photo studios, we've observed that approximately 95% of our top-selling backgrounds are found in the "Most Popular" category, strategically positioned as the first category parents encounter when they visit our online platform. If a background proves to be a top seller and isn't initially in the "Most Popular" category, it swiftly finds its place here once our yearly stat reports are meticulously examined.


Beyond mere categorization,the names of these categories play a vital role in catering to different segments. For instance, we've introduced a "Kid's Corner" category, exclusively available for daycare and elementary schools. In contrast, our "School Life" backgrounds are reserved for elementary and high schools. However, some of these very same backgrounds are offered to college and university students, but with a category name carefully chosen as "Campus Vibes," aligning with the unique demographics of this segment. By tailoring category names to the preferences of each market segment, we ensure that the offerings resonate with our clients, setting the stage for perfect portraits.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to backgrounds. In our next blog, we’ll look at backgrounds from a parent’s perspective and give tips on how to create top sellers.

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