The Sigmoid Curve and the Photo Industry

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Use the Sigmoid Curve theory to ensure your business’s long term growth.

Running a successful business is not easy. Making it grow and prosper in the long run is even harder.

T he sigmoid curve is a universal model representing the relationship between activity levels and time. It can be applied to the rise and fall of nations, businesses, and even human life. Understanding this concept ensures the long term growth of your company.

One day you decided to start your business. At the beginning, you most likely experienced an initial decline in activity as you tried to secure clients, find proper suppliers and so on. Once your base was established, you experienced a phase of growth. Like all good things, this growth will come to maturity, start to decline and eventually end.

36Pix Sigmoid Curve

The idea is to launch a second sigmoid curve while your company is in its growth stage. If executed perfectly, the second curve’s growth stage should synch with the first one’s decline, ensuring a continuity in growth. If the second curve is started on the decline phase of the first one, the odds of success are low because you most likely will not have the resources to pull off the transition.

In theory, this concept is easy to understand, but in practice, it is not so easy to apply.

What makes it difficult? Two things.

First, you cannot see the future, so it is almost impossible to know where you are on your curve. Second, many business leaders are blinded by success and cannot foresee anything going wrong. They fail to innovate, and the company ends up failing. To avoid these two issues, you must always look for an opportunity to launch a second or third curve.

This is where 36Pix comes in. Shooting images on a green or blue screen makes it possible for you to launch a second curve and continue your company’s growth. Chroma keying allows for more products, most of them customizable, and opportunities for upselling — at a lower price than traditional photography. Often the issue with starting a second curve is the resources needed to do so. With 36Pix’s green screen photography, entry costs are low and sales revenues high.

Launch your second curve today! To ensure your company’s long-term growth and find out which 36Pix keying solution best fits your needs, call 36Pix at 1-866-900-7788 ext. 245 or contact us.


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