Green Screen Masking

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Tools for Handling Red on Green Screen!
September 19, 2018
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Green Screen Efficiency
November 14, 2018

Green Screen Masking

How can you rob a bank without being recognized? By wearing a mask, of course. Everybody knows that wearing a mask will conceal your identity. The exact definition of masking is the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it. Well, the concept of layer masking is not so different!

Before talking about digital masking, let’s think back to good ol’ paper documents. For example, a school teacher might hide the answers to a test by covering them with a black sheet of other words, by masking them out. You can do the same thing to a digital photo. You can apply a layer mask to an image in order to hide (or mask) certain areas of the photo. This is great for creating complex composites and also great for simple portraits because it gives the option of choosing (or letting the client choose!) a background (or multiple backgrounds!) AFTER the photo has been taken.

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Green Screen photography is the perfect solution for innovative photographers because it gives so much creative freedom, and with 36Pix’s software, green screens can be easily extracted (masked) to give endless opportunities to up-sell your images. Get started today!