Green Screen Efficiency

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Green Screen Masking
October 24, 2018
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December 17, 2018

Green Screen Efficiency

Monitoring your employees’ progress can provide a lot of insight and help build a strong team. In the world of green screen, quality is the number one priority, followed by speed. Let’s take a closer look at how we monitor our green screen technicians here at 36Pix, and find out how you could do the same with our web-based CloudKO DIY application.


Once employees have gone through a 2 hour training on our CloudKO software, they work on practice jobs until their quality is perfect. Each time a practice job is completed, it is carefully reviewed by an experienced green screen technician and feedback is given. The CloudKO viewer allows us to easily spot any mistakes and give feedback.

CloudKO Viewer

Blog Stats CloudKO Viewer


Once quality is perfect, it is time to focus on speed. With CloudKO’s stat reports we can easily monitor all the information shown in the table below. What we focus on most is the Masks Fixed/Hour and Edit Ratio. We expect each technician to edit about 18% of the images they go through at a rate of 120 masks fixed/hr, which would be 960 masks and over 5,000 images per day.

As long as we see a steady increase in the number of masks fixed per hour we know the technician is on the right track. If the edit ratio is consistently higher than average, this indicates the technician is editing some images which do not require editing. In this case, we would provide the technician with some extra training and attention.

There are two exercises we do with our internal technicians to increase their speed. These exercises are also available to our DIY customers through our unlimited trainings.

  • Watch them work and give tips on the spot.
  • Have them watch an experienced technician complete a few jobs to pick up tips.

CloudKO User Report

CloudKO Tech Reports

Need help increasing your green screen employees’ efficiency? 36Pix’s free trainings combined with CloudKO’s built in stat reports will change the way you do green screen forever. Create an account with 36Pix today!