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June 1, 2011
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June 4, 2012

VISION 2020 – 2011

International Imaging Industry Association


36Pix of Montreal, for its ChromaStar® chroma keying engine technology, which solves the most challenging “green screen” problems and provides maximum image rendering flexibility in the fastest turnaround times, especially valuable with large volumes, such as the school and sports photography markets. Photographers take their photos using a green background and send them online to 36Pix, which uses the ChromaStar® engine to remove the green backgrounds. The photos go back over the web to the photographers (or photo labs) so that they can then insert their own backgrounds. The ChromaStar® engine’s advanced algorithms quickly produce high definition images so that customers get their orders back within one or two days.

“Each of these winning innovations has tackled a challenging area of imaging and delivered a unique, inventive solution that will help move the world of imaging forward,” said Lisa Walker, I3A President. “We hope that showcasing these examples in the I3A VISION 2020 awards will help to inspire others to innovate and share their creative ideas, as we progress towards our future vision. I’m very pleased to honor these three creative technology companies.”

VISION 2020 Awards Criteria

VISION 2020 Imaging Innovation Awards are given to those individuals, teams, organizations or companies whose product or service innovations enable a future of intelligent imaging where images are increasingly used to enhance communication and quality of life. All entries must be imaging-related; a broad view of imaging is used. An innovation may be drawn from the areas of capturing, storing, sharing, managing, processing or printing, among others.

The VISION 2020 entries were evaluated by an independent panel of judges, made up of industry experts, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and analysts. The judges ranked each entry according to the submission’s relevance to the imaging industry, its potential market impact (does it solve a significant market problem?), the method of impact (how does it bring change to the market?), its uniqueness and its implementation status (how real is it? are there patents, beta programs or proof of concept?).

About the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A)

I3A’s vision is to enable the use of imaging to simplify and enrich people’s lives through visual experiences that connect generations, communities, information and services. I3A drives the global imaging ecosystem toward this vision by bringing members together to create standards and collaborate on initiatives that advance shared interests, foster growth, and open pathways to new markets.