Lower Your Labor Cost with CloudKO®

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Lower Your Labor Cost with CloudKO®

A s a business owner, you know that labor is expensive, and forecasting for it isn’t easy. But with 36Pix’s CloudKO® DIY application, you can ensure your technicians are working efficiently — possibly even reducing how many you need. You can also monitor output, so forecasting actually can be easy.

According to our clients’ stats from last year, using CloudKO® DIY application, a single technician can extract an average of 5,000 images per day. We’ve even seen some clients reach 10,000 images a day!

They’ve achieved this with the help of the application’s integrated reports, which let you track technicians’ efficiency and determine which ones need help getting to the next level, and where they need the help. In addition, our experienced CloudKO® Customer Service Representatives do a year-end review of each company’s stats to ensure all techs are using the application to its fullest.

To ensure your technicians are working to their best abilities, look at these three factors:

  • Edit Ratio
    The edit ratio is the number of images that need to be edited out of all images uploaded. With ChromaStar®, the award-winning chroma key engine that powers CloudKO®, any image that does not contain green is automatically extracted and saved to the cloud. Only the images that remain need to be edited. The edit ratio industry standard is 15% to 25%. Anything outside of this range could be cause for concern. For example, if a technician has a high edit ratio, they may be opening images that do not require editing. Eliminating these opens will increase their speed.

  • Masks Fixed/Hour
    These are the 15% to 25% of images that need editing, prorated per hour. When training, we give our techs a goal of 100 masks fixed/hour — many surpass this number. If a technician has a much lower rate than the group average, this identifies them as needing some extra training. If a technician’s rate is much higher than average, this could be cause for concern quality-wise.

  • Images/Hour
    This is the benchmark that determines your business’s efficiency. Images/hour measures the number of images extracted prorated per hour. The higher the technicians’ throughput, the fewer employees you need.

By maximizing these three ratios, you will see a boost in efficiency.

And remember that the 36Pix team is always happy to provide tips and training customized for your business. Speed and quality are the keys to successful keying.



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